Stock Up on Smiles and Memories When You Stock Your Pantry (Housewarming)

Need an excuse to get friends and family together? Celebrate your home in small pieces, maybe you haven’t just moved in, but you are rarely home and don’t have much in the kitchen pantry.  Or you think of cooking as three minutes in the microwave or opening a bag of chips and a jar of [...]

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Don’t Wait for a Housewarming: Make It Room by Room!

Life is about what is in our heads and in our hearts. It is about creating memories and experiences where we can delight in connecting with family and friends. Our homes provide magical opportunities to do this, but so often we overlook them. Consider the many ways we can celebrate our homes and invite those [...]

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Decorating Celebrations: Paint the House Party (Housewarming)

Personally, I can’t think of anything I’d rather avoid, but I can do it myself if necessary without training. (Heck, I once sponge painted my whole house, since the contractor had reversed the paint colors in the final coat!) And I do have friends that not only enjoy painting but actually find it relaxing, imagine [...]

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Guest Room Interior Design: It’s All In a Good Night’s Rest

How many times have you stayed in someone’s guest room except it wasn’t really a guest room, it was the “spare” room or “junk” room and you couldn’t even squeeze a jacket into the musty smelling overloaded closet, the dresser drawers were stuffed with out of date and no longer used kids clothes and collectibles, [...]

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Master Bedroom Interior Design: Making It Romantic and Restful

All too often homeowners put their master bedroom decorating last on the list. It falls behind the great room, the kitchen, the kid’s rooms, and the basement build out. You seem to forget that but for you, the house may not be there, the kids certainly wouldn’t be there, and you really do deserve a [...]

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Powder Bath Interior Design: Indulging Your Fantasies

Years ago, I remember staying with my Mom in a posh apartment in Manhattan belonging to an exotic friend of hers. The powder bath was this amazing inky night sky blue top to bottom and on one long wall was a wonderful mural of a pair of mice sitting atop a champagne bottle and floating [...]

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Home Office Interior Design: Making It Productive and Successful

While it used to be a den, and then a study, most homes today sport a home office. Sometimes it is a his and hers, other times it is dedicated to one person in the household. The key to a productive and successful home office is organization and creating an interior that really works for [...]

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Great Room Interior Design: Make It Family Friendly

Finding Your Focal Point Great rooms have replaced living rooms of the past. Gone are the formal, parlour type spaces that you might have grown up, those rooms with plumped pillows and plush carpet that showed every footstep. Today it is about easy living, spontaneous entertaining, and a room you can have two or twelve [...]

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Dining Room Interior Design: Making It Delicious

I know, I know you only use your dining room four times a year. I’ve heard this from clients for years! So imagine recreating this room for a lot more use. I grew up with a dining room we used at least four to five nights a week for dinner as well as for those [...]

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Keeping Room Interior Design: Making It Cozy

Now this may be a space unique to the South but I’ve found that across the country today many kitchens have nooks or mini-great rooms attached, this is a keeping room. It’s for keeping friends over coffee, keeping your kids doing homework, keeping you sane on a busy day when you can snag a few [...]

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